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MetroVISTA, the leading superior platform for subway in-tunnel advertising.

Watch a video introduction on the platform

MetroVISTA - The leading platform for safe, flexible, and immersive in-tunnel advertising

MetroVISTA is the leading platform for revolutionary subway in tunnel advertising medium. It allows advertisers world wide to reach target audiences as they are being transported on subways and trains worldwide.

As viewers pass MetroVISTA installations they are treated to 8 second or longer motion-picture advertisements. Riders enjoy large, innovative, and beautiful motion pictures ad that fill train windows and can reach millions worldwide.  Independent studies demonstrate that in tunnel subway advertising displays have the highest recall rates of all transit advertising, with exceptional value in branding.

Click Play to Watch a Short Introduction on MetroVISTA

Description and Summary

MetroVISTA Tunnel Light Boxes Installation of Graphics
Sensors capture in real time the passing train and position image perfectly in real time. The image enjoyed by the position of the rider.

MetroVISTA is the superior platform for tunnel advertising

MetroVISTA provides unique advertising experience:

Recall Rate of MetroVISTA

“Tunnel Advertising is the most valuable space inside outdoor media” - Exinde Adworth Study

“More than 90 % of riders remember a tunnel advert!” - Exinde Adworth Study

“More than 50% of people remember a tunnel advert - even months after seeing one.” TAB - Study

MetroVISTA Worldwide

South American Site in Santiago de Chile

MetroVISTA Santiago Sites @ Estación Baquedano to U. Catolica and U. Catolica >  Santa Lucia

Daily Impressions 1.2 Million to 2 million individuals

Coming Soon to Spain.

Media Images of MetroVISTA

Video Example of MetroVISTA - Taken from the perspective of a train rider.
Video Introduction on MetroVISTA
Image taken from inside the train
Images taken from inside the train.
Tunnel Installation Photograph
Tunnel Installation Photograph
Installing Graphic Media

Press and Media Interest on MetroVISTA

"Ascensores, barandillas y túneles, soportes publicitarios a la última"
"Top 10 ad-tricks... "
"Moving Pictures ..."
"Its Madvertising"

More Press Coverage

Commercial Aspects in Chile .


MetroVISTA is represented in Santiago Chile by JC Decaux Chile.

Please Contact
JC Decaux Chile
Av. Andrés Bello 2777- Edif. Las Industrias. Of. 602
Santiago , Chile
Tel.: + (56 2) 203 03 24
Fax: + (56 2 ) 203 03 27

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