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Welcome to Aap! Global

Creating and managing high recall, high impact advertising spaces worldwide.

Aap! Global Overview!

In a noisy, media saturated and distracted consumer environment, Aap!Global fuels buzz, ignites curiosity, and fires demand for client brands through integrated alternative marketing technologies that authentically engage and truly influence consumers.

At Aap!Global we conceptualize, develop and implement alternative media and brand experiences by building on years of practice in alternative media planning, guerrilla marketing strategies, non traditional outdoor advertising media, online street teams, lifestyle marketing, guerrilla tactics advertising, customized alt-marketing campaigns and other innovative alternative strategies all based on innovative usage of technology.

We work in helping clients reach consumers (online and offline) in relevant, surprising and unconventional ways.


Latest Aap!Global news :

Aap!Global named "Best in International Marketing" by Brandweek Magazine

Aap!Global Brings Escalator Handrail Advertising Technology to SuperMarket Conveyor Belts With Launch of Aap!Belt.

Aap!Global Expands Escalator Advertising Product Line With Aap!Steps, Innovatative and Easy to Install Branded Escalator Steps.

Aap!Global Launches Aap!Motion - Pedestrian Motion Panel Technology

Aap!Global Launches MetroVISTA - In tunnel Subway Advertising Platform with Partner JC Decaux

Aap!Global Launches Industry Leading Parking Lot Floor Graphic - Aap!Stripes

Aap!Global Announces Exclusive Licensing Opportunities for Escalator Handrail Advertising Technology